Cheese bowl with fresh lettuce (various cheeses, served with toast, and butter) 1790.- Ft
Pancake filled with goose liver served on salad bed 990.- Ft
Tartar beefsteak (toast, tomato, onion, paprika, cucumber) 3190.- Ft
Housewife's Salad (fresh lettuce, fried bacon strips, joghurt dressing) 1190.- Ft
Fish Cracklings, Tartar Sauce, Red onion 1290.- Ft

Hen-soup in Wedding Style 690.- Ft
Veal ragout soup with Tarragon 990.- Ft
Giant Liverdumpling Soup 590.- Ft
Strawberry Soup 690.- Ft
Bean Soup with sour cream and fried, smoked sausage 790.- Ft

Bundled Fish Soup 1590.- Ft
Carp Fish Soup 1390.- Ft
Catfish Soup 1590.- Ft
Fish Soup from Various Fish and Offal 1790.- Ft

Mixed Fish Plate for 2 (Wooden Fish Plate) /Catfish rolled in bacon, pike perch fillet in seeded coat, carp slices with garlic, princess potatoes, Tartar sauce, salad/ 5980.- Ft
Whole Roasted pike perch with fruit 2290.- Ft
Pike Perch slice with cheese sauce and rice 2290.- Ft
Coated Pike Perch slice with fruit 2290.- Ft
Coated Carpmilk, with mixed sidedishes and Tartar sauce 1990.- Ft
Roasted or Coated Pike Perch with chips,Tartar sauce and salad 2290.- Ft
Roasted or Coated Catfish, with mashed potatoes, Tartar sauce and salad 2390.- Ft
Roasted or Coated Carp with mashed potatoes, Tartar sauce and salad 1890.- Ft
Catfish stew with pasta with cottage cheese and cracklings 2390.- Ft
Catfish rolled in bacon, with mushroom sauce in Bakony style, and noodles 2390.- Ft
Roasted sterlet, with garlic sauce, princess potatoes and salad 2290.- Ft
Sterlet stew with noodles 2290.- Ft

Leg of Lamb with Garlic Sauce, Fried Potatoes and Salad 3290.- Ft
Fishcakes on Salad bed 1890.- Ft
Coated Leg of Veal, chips, Tartar sauce 1790.- Ft
Argentinian Tenderloin (mushroom, smoked bacon, tomato, sour cream) with dumplings 2490.- Ft
Stuffed rib in Rural style (smoked cheese, salami, basil) rice and peas with parsley, lettuce) 2390.- Ft
Chicken Gizzard Stew, with cocktesticles and dumplings 1590.- Ft

Larded Venison with hunter's ragout, and princess potatoes 3290.- Ft
Slices of Venison with cranberry jam and croquettes 3290.- Ft

Beef Stew with Red Wine and boiled potatoes 1590.- Ft
Tripe Stew with cocktesticles and boiled potatoes 1590.- Ft
Goulash with Beans 990.- Ft
Hungarian Kettle Goulash 990.- Ft

Family Bowl in Tavern Style (gourmet turkey breast, ironed chicken leg fillet, Pilis chicken breast, satay sticks, fried cheese in seeded coat, mixed sidedishes, mixed salad, Tartar sauce) 5590.- Ft
Filled Rib as requested (cheese, ham, mushroom, marrow, chicken liver), with baked potatoes and salad 2190.- Ft
Rib filled with Goose Liver, with mashed potatoes and salad 2890.- Ft
Barbacue in Bugac Style with ring-sliced potatoes, home-made mixed pickles 2190.- Ft
Cop's Roast (spare ribs with pepper and mustard, fried onions, fried Kolozsvár-style bacon, sunny-side up) spicy square potatoes, home-made mixed pickles 2190.- Ft
Outlaw's Bundle (smoked sausage, fried Kolozsvár-style bacon, red onion) mashed potatoes with onion, home-made mixed pickles 2290.- Ft
Pork Slice in „Aranyhomok” (GoldSand) Style (bacon, mushroom, green peas, ragout with sour cream) with mixed sidedishes 2090.- Ft
Our Musician's Favourite (pork chop, bacon, paprika, tomato, hot paprika, smoked cheese) steakpotatoes,salad 2090.- Ft
Waterside Tenderloin (ratatouille, goose liver, green peas) with square potatoes 2890.- Ft
Switchblade knife dish with mixed sidedishes 1990.- Ft
Coated porkmarrow with mixed sidedishes, Tartar sauce, salad 1990.- Ft
Tassi angler's favourite with home-made mixed pickles 2490.- Ft
Tassi hunter's favourite with croquettes 2490.- Ft

Tenderloin in Rossini Style with Croquettes 3290.- Ft
Gourmet Tenderloin (Brown Sauce, Goose liver, mushroom, green beans, asparagus) with princess potatoes 3890.- Ft
Hot Coated Tenderloin, Spicy square potatoes, salad 3390.- Ft
Braised Steak with Fried Onions, square potatoes, salad 2890.- Ft
Braised Steak in Eszterházy style, with penne pasta 2990.- Ft
Wiener Snitzel with mashed potatoes, salad 2990.- Ft
Greek Beef Rolls (Feta cheese, red onion, tomato, bacon) square potatoes, salad 3090.- Ft

Roasted Chicken Breast with cheese sauce, baked potatoes and salad 2290.- Ft
Chicken Breast in Farm Style (filled with Broccoli, smoked cheese sauce) princess potatoes 2290.- Ft
My Brother's Favourite (Chicken Breast, bacon, sour cream, cheese) croquettes, salad 2190.- Ft
Dilled Chicken ragout with noodles 2090.- Ft
Leg of Chicken Fillet fried in Foil (bacon, paprika, red onion) steakpotatoes,salad 2090.- Ft
Turkey Breast with Peach (cheese, ham, peach compote) mashed potatoes 2090.- Ft
Turkey Roll on crunchy vegetable bed (ham, zuchini, red onion, cheese, bacon) 2390.- Ft
Lady Principal's Favourite (natural turkey, pruned plums, gooseliver, bacon) with broccoli and mashed potatoes 2490.- Ft
Gooseliver in Vas county Style with mushroom (ratatouille) and square potatoes 3790.- Ft

Turkey Bites with seeds and mashed potatoes, salad, ketchup 990.- Ft
Chicken gyros with chips, salad 990.- Ft

Smoked Cheese in Seeded Coat, chips, cranberry sauce 1890.- Ft
Grilled vegetables with steamed rice and cheese sauce 1890.- Ft
Coated broccoli with mashed potatoes, Tartar sauce 1490.- Ft
Vegetable Stew with penne pasta 1590.- Ft

Pasta with soft cottage cheese and crackling 1090.- Ft
Penne with Cheese (sliced ham, vitamin paprika, pickled gherkin, sour cream) 1990.- Ft
Spagetti with ham and mushroom 1590.- Ft

Fresh Mixed Salad with dressing 1090.- Ft
Greek Salad 1090.- Ft
Fresh Mixed Salad with dressing, with fried seeds, and grated cheese 1090.- Ft
Corn Salad with mayonnaise and ham 590.- Ft
Tomato Salad, Cucumber Salad 390.- Ft
Cabbage Salad 290.- Ft
Pickled Gherkins, Leavened Cucumber 290.- Ft
Compotes 290.- Ft

Pancake filled with Banana and nutella and whipped cream 690.- Ft
Rákóczi Cottage Cheese Pancake ( apricot compote) apricot sauce 690.- Ft
Zserbó pancake 690.- Ft
Chestnut puree with sour cherry sauce 590.- Ft
Bananaship 690.- Ft
Cottage Cheese Doughnut with chocolate, apricot or cranberry sauce 590.- Ft
Tassi ice cream Sundae „ selected ice-cream” 690.- Ft
Strawberry Magic (strawberry ice cream, pancake, chocolate sauce, whipped cream) 690.- Ft