Our primary intention is the protection of the wonderful values in the area along the Danube as well as its further embellishment. The revival and preservation of the surviving old folk customs and at the same time making customers acquainted with them in a way that this beauty will always be kept in their hearts... Our imagination came true in the form of a fish restaurant located in a picturesque area, which provides the opportunity to relax for all those guests longing for excursions, entertainment and leisure activities.

The attractive holiday zone, or as the local people call it anglers' paradise; Szentgyörgypuszta, where three rivers meet: the Kunsági canal, the Ráckevei Duna section, and after the flood gate the Old Danube. In the centre of the meeting point of these rivers the Fish Restaurant of Tass is situated.

The Fish Restaurant of Tass is run by the Hajdú Family, who, since 1998 – have been trying to boost and surpass the reputation of this grand old restaurant with great history.

The majority of the natural environment is still intact. Thousands of holidaymakers and anglers are attracted by the Danube bank and the silence of the floodplain forests.

This is the reason why the holiday village is called anglers' paradise nationwide. In the three rivers, an abundance of river fish species live in the Ráckevei Duna section, the Old Danube and the Kiskunsági Main Irrigation Canal. The traditional local name of the last one is Bakér (Buck-brook), and it has been surrounding the settlement as a living water since ancient times, therefore there are excellent and valuable fishing sites within the boundaries of the village. In the Ráckevei Danube section there is an open beach available for those wishing to swim or windsurf. The majority of the Danube bank is a holiday resort supplied with suitable infrastructure and other services.

A Short History of the Fish Restaurant of Tass:

- according to anecdotes the Fish Restaurant of Tass was built in 1905 in the today's location. A merchant of Dömsöd had the fish restaurant built with the purpose of providing a place to relax and eat for the staff of merchant ships in case they wanted to call at the port in order to buy-sell or exchange of goods. The changes did not escape him either and the 'csárda' was nationalised in 1950. He received HUF 5000 at that time from the State. Later on Dunavecsei ÁFÉSZ got the right to run the restaurant. During this time the restaurant was managed by Bálint Szigetfű for a long time. From 1950 to 1990 the csárda was twice destroyed by fire. Its original condition has not been restored. Between 1990 and the spring of 1995 it was closed. From the spring of 1995 M.L.K.H. Ltd. tried to reopen it, however it wasn't a long period because in 1997 they sold the restaurant. The Hajdú family became the owner in 1997. The present manager and owners of the “csárda” had the opportunity to speak a lot with uncle Bálint Szigetfű about the past of the Fish Restaurant and his experience. After these the renovation and development works commenced. It was reopened on 1st May, 1998 with Erzsébet Lengyel as manager, who has been running the Fish Restaurant of Tass, the restaurant with great history, with pleasure to date.

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